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Thank you for your interest in getting to know a bit more about me! I'm Bethany Cunningham - wife, mother, and Mindfulness Educator.


I began my journey in mindfulness in 2001 with no understanding just how important a part of my life it would become. I doubted my ability to sit in meditation and I spent a lot of time worrying and anxious about many aspects of my personal and professional life.

My journey became enhanced as I began to teach mindfulness in schools in 2014. I started with 38 students and 2 teachers learning together and by 2018 expanded to teaching over 800 students and teachers. 

I'm currently humbled and grateful to continue my work in schools. I've expanded my teaching to include classes for parents, individuals and companies looking to change their understanding and relationship with stress and uncertainty. 

I'm excited to meet you and witness your personal discovery and journey in mindfulness! 



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