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Meditation Class

Group Classes

Group classes are offered on a rotating basis.  Contact me for details on the next available session.

Introduction to Mindfulness

(5 weeks)

Mindfulness provides skills to work through stress, anxiety and difficult emotions. It cultivates a sense of balance, awareness and empathy; and it teaches us to respond thoughtfully to difficult situations. This introduction to Mindfulness will walk you through guided meditation, mindful breathing and observation practices to help you experience the benefits of present moment awareness.

Continuing Mindfulness

(5 weeks)

This class is a continuation of the introductory class. It is designed to deepen Mindfulness understanding and strategies. It includes longer meditations and delves more deeply into practices of gratitude and heartfulness, communication and listening, as well as journaling.

Everyday Mindfulness

(4 weeks)

This class is designed specifically for individuals who have an established Mindfulness practice. It is intended to foster and deepen Mindfulness understanding and strategies. It includes meditation and extensive journaling practice; connecting with informal mindfulness strategies, observations of difficult emotions, as well as, enhancing communication skills.

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