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Special Programs

As a result of my personal practice and professional experience, I've discovered aspects of education and professional cultures I believe can benefit from greater skill development and resources. Some of these programs are ready to roll out, while others are in development. Contact me with questions or for more information!

Classroom with utensils

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, schools are realizing serious developmental delays, behavioral challenges and gaps in learning. Through incorporating methods of integrating movement, creative arts and play into already existing curricula and lessons, there is tremendous potential in overcoming these obstacles, while also addressing stress and trauma that are directly impacting students’ abilities to learn. This program can facilitate getting education on track with learning recovery and provide a foundation of support for teachers and families in the process. 

High school and Collegiate sports teams are competing at levels that require intense focus, sustained physical demands of training and the added pressure of high academic achievement. This multi-faceted program addresses strengthening skills of mental fitness and wellbeing to balance the demands of performing both on and off the field. It's designed to support best practices in coaching, building strong, connected teams and addressing individual athlete's personal goals and ability to overcome obstacles.

**still in development. Coming Soon!

Soccer Team
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