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Mindfulness in Schools

Incorporating mindfulness to impact a change in school and classroom culture is a journey. Each of these workshops and programs is designed to inspire and support your efforts in sustainable and meaningful ways.  

Professional Development

Consultations are scheduled on a continual basis and scheduled to best suit your needs.

Incorporating mindfulness to impact change in a school or classroom culture is a journey. Each of these programs is fully customizable to best suit your specific needs, and designed to inspire and support your efforts in sustainable and meaningful ways.  

Mindfulness Training Programs

Teaching Mindfully


As a teacher, you are tasked with taking on multiple roles – nurturer, therapist, social worker, conflict negotiator and behaviorist, in addition to your primary role in educating children. This course is designed to help you develop a practice of self-care and wellness to navigate the

stress you face both in and out of the classroom. Whether or not you choose to incorporate mindfulness strategies in your class, both you and your students will benefit from your personal practice. There is a specific focus on non-judgmental awareness, fostering compassion for yourself and others, mindful communication strategies and preventing burn-out. The final 2 classes in this course include in-classroom mindfulness instruction to your students.


Mindful Teachers - Inspired Classrooms


This program is customized to provide skills that reduce teacher stress and prevent burnout, strengthen communication, utilize adaptable mindfulness and creative arts approaches to improve academic learning, and additionally create a more connected school community. This results in a supported, sustainable, and integrated model of learning for the current generation of youth that incorporates creative arts and mindful pedagogy while promoting teacher well-being and strong student-teacher-family connections. 


It is shaped with the teacher in mind – not to add one more thing to their day, but, to adapt into their current lessons and curriculum. 


Mindful Teachers Workshop

Have you already taken one of my Mindful Teacher Training course or attended one of my professional development workshops? Join me for a free workshop designed to reset and restore your personal well-being. These 30-minute workshops are offered monthly September through May for FREE!  Whether you need to reconnect yourself or you're curious about additional tools for your classroom, this is the space to do it. Take some time for you and join me for a micro-retreat crafted specifically to reduce stress.

Classroom Consultation

As issues of anxiety, depression and trauma increase among young people, the impact in classrooms and on learning is tremendous. Whether you're experiencing behavioral disruptions or simply want to create an atmosphere of compassion in your classroom, these consultations are specifically tailored to your unique needs. They are designed to help you evaluate patterns of behavior and develop strategies focused on increased awareness and empathy.  Together we will design a plan that enriches your classroom management tools, engages your students with a strengths-based focus, and fosters a readiness to learn.

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