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Join me for a seaside retreat to strengthen your ability to focus, develop greater compassion for yourself and others, and transform your response to stress.
This one-day retreat is designed to teach you necessary skills to navigate stressful moments with greater awareness and purpose. Through practices in breathing, meditation, and observation you will walk away with tools that help you feel more calm and balance in your daily life. 
Guest Speaker:  
Anne Marie Scala
Mindfulness Writer, Speaker & Educational Consultant
Morning Session:
Begins with a light continental breakfast. Experience first-hand the benefits of formal and informal mindfulness strategies and their impact on promoting overall health and wellbeing.
Provided by Inn by the Sea
Afternoon Session:
Individual, Pair, and Group Breakout Sessions that focus on informal mindfulness tools of observation, communication, compassion, and sensory exercises.
Cost: $249
  • includes retreat cost, continental breakfast & lunch
  • retreat packet with resources to support your continued mindfulness practice
  • 3 guided audio meditations

Space is limited. Register today!

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