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R.E.S.T. is a Radical Act of Self-Care

A simple practice to rest and recover in the moment - even when you don't have time.

Let's face it, there are days, weeks, sometimes even longer when we feel like we can't get out of our own way. We are caught in a cycle of doing that leaves little to no time left for our own self-care. Resting begins to feel elusive and making time for ourselves, impossible. And, when we're stuck in this habit day after day, the best we have to offer those we love (and to ourselves) is only what's left of us after a long day.

When you're caught in this pattern, it can be helpful to look at self-care in a different, perhaps more manageable way. When it feels like too much to take 30 minutes or more to walk, workout, meditate, do yoga or whatever form self-care typically takes for you... consider taking the time to care for yourself in small moments, throughout the day.

Resting your body and mind for a few seconds or minutes as you move through your day can lift your mood, keep you focused and help you regain some energy. Take the time for yourself each day. You're worth it!

R.E.S.T. to recover and reset during your everyday...

Relax your body. Notice any part of your body that is holding tension and use a prolonged exhale to release discomfort from the areas that need it most.

Engage your senses. Look around you... what do you see? What can you hear when your body is still and quiet? What can you smell or taste in this moment? What textures can feel with your sense of touch?

Speak kindly to yourself. Say something uplifting and kind to yourself. You can use these statements or create your own!

I am enough

I am loved

I have all I need in this moment

Take a breath. Notice the full extent of an inhale and the full extent of an exhale (repeat as necessary).

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