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A Curious Nature

Strengthening a mindset of curiosity, discovery and wonder

What if we could view every interaction, every experience, every moment through a lens of curiosity and wonder?

Much like a baby begins to discover the world around them – finding their hands for the first time, the first taste of a banana, the first attempt at finding balance to walk, the awe with which they notice an insect crawl… it is a reminder of what it means to begin again. When we can see and experience moments as though they are the very first time, it can bring a sense of ease and stability.

For 2022, I’m setting a course for discovery and an intention to be continually curious. To remind myself again and again to start over, to let go and to strengthen a mindset that seeks to understand.


By asking myself, how can I be curious about this experience?

  • I can welcome the new year with curiosity, and I’m no longer stuck in a space of wondering what is to come. I can let go of worry and appreciate where I am with a deeper sense of contentment.

  • I can welcome difficult interactions with curiosity, and have a greater capacity to see another’s experience as their own. I’m better prepared to respond with compassion.

  • I can welcome my failures with curiosity, and see opportunity to try again, to do better, to apologize and to foster compassion for myself and others.

  • I can welcome my success with curiosity, and acknowledge those times when I am good enough.

  • I can welcome each new day with curiosity, and see what's possible.

  • I can welcome this moment with curiosity, and allow myself to accept where I am and what I feel as part of a fully connected experience of what it is to live and be with what is here and now.


What will this practice and experience bring?

How will it go?

Will it be challenging?

Will I fail?

Will I succeed?

I’m curious to find out.

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