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Bless & Release

The power and purpose of letting go

Many of us have those moments where we get caught up in a cycle of negativity. Whether it’s battling our own self-talk or interacting with a person who seems consistently focused on the negative, it can take a toll on our ability to see truth and it distorts fact from the story we tell ourselves. If we’re not careful we begin to believe our thoughts are true, we speak to ourselves from a space of fear, grief, shame, jealousy or anger. Sometimes we connect to the negativity of another – a partner, peer, or co-worker. All of this can take a toll on our energy level and we can quickly become anxious, depressed, or chronically stressed.

The phrase “Bless and Release” is one I heard several years ago and I’ve found it to be a beautiful anchor for me whenever I find myself stuck in this unpleasant and unhelpful mindset. It takes an act of mindfulness to recognize your state of mind and a deliberate choice to change the pattern of thought that is bringing you down (sometimes for days!). Sending kindness (in the form of a wish, intention or prayer) to yourself or another is helpful in allowing you to release what is weighing you down. This can be easier said than done, especially if you’re dealing with a well-defined habit or dwelling on the actions of someone with whom you feel intense anger or frustration.

It takes practice and consistency. Be patient with yourself. Offering words of compassion in thought, deed or prayer are integral in the process of letting go. My wish for all is that you have peace in your thoughts and in your hearts. Bless and Release whatever is weighing you down in this moment. If you find later that it returns, repeat the process and let it go once again.

May you have peace in your thoughts.

May you have peace in your actions.

May you have peace in your heart.

Try sending these thoughts to someone who is struggling or to yourself today. Notice a few purposeful breaths, and release.

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